Maria Maleta is a Portuguese brand that works with genuine leather goods and sustainable materials. Inspired by female personality and friendship. Defending a Sister Code and supporting ocean sustainability projects. 
Mission Vision and Values PORTUGUESE BRAND

Maria Maleta intends to create bags for life. A brand that defends sustainability through the durability of its products, which stands out for its fun and versatile design with quality at a fair price.
Maria Maleta as the first choice for the Woman who wants a storytelling, fun design and sustainability in one product.

Maria Maleta as a symbol of the power of female friendship. Quality, sustainability, and permanent and lifetime customer support.



Our Purposes!


We can give a new destiny to your product. We will turn your old leather Maria bag into a new product. Or you can send us your old Maria. When you return your bag for recycling you will receive a € 15 voucher
Big Blue Ocean Cleanup partner is an international non-profit organization whose main goals include preventing and cleaning beaches and oceans. When you buy a Maria Maleta product, 3% of your purchase amount goes to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup project. 
Maria Maleta believes in a circular economy and the timeless product, thus using leather as the main raw material, used for several decades due to its exclusive characteristics: resistance, durability and quality. We have as a restricted policy the use only of leather coming from the residue of the largest world industry, the Food industry. 
We introduce more innovative materials that come from recycling plastic, post-consumer textiles, and biodegradable materials.
SISTER CODE It's a connection that you have with your girlfriends where girls stay united no matter what. Between respecting the differences, you mock with weaknesses, cut off the intrigue, and you all celebrate both successes and failures. After all, everything is a good excuse so that you can simply be together. And together, we are stronger, sillier, funnier, and happier.
What are you paying when you buy a Maria Maleta? Transparency is about giving a conscious vision of our brand and explaining what goes behind every product we create.