SISTER CODE It's a connection that you have with your girlfriends where girls stay united no matter what. Between respecting the differences, you mock with weaknesses, cut off the intrigue, and you all celebrate both successes and failures. After all, everything is a good excuse so that you can simply be together. And together, we are stronger, sillier, funnier, and happier.

Maria Maleta was created by two best friends, so different from each other that makes them believe that every person has two personalized sides inside her. Sometimes they can be romantic and sensitive, other times they can be like a hurricane woman, so brave and tough!  That's why our products reflect that versatility as they can be used in many different ways for all your different moods. 
Our brand is a symbol of friendship, fun and shared moments.
We are Friendship Brand with a Sister code in it.


  • You won't be afraid of making a joke because they'll get it. And when they don't, they'll laugh of your silliness.
  • This is a connection that you have with your girlfriends that no matter what happens in your life, you'll always be there for them.
  • You'll stay on their side forever.
  • Together we are stronger, sillier, more time to pick up the restaurant, louder, more unique, and happier.
  • When you are with her everything serves as an excuse for "one more round".
  • Demystify the "Too many women together is always a problem".
  • No matter what your future holds for you, you'll always make omelets without eggs for them.
  • Demystify girls' friendship where there had to be hearts and cupcakes which are now replaced with mock, sarcasm, and irony.
  • Boost communication beyond WhatsApp.
  • This is a connection between women that doesn't need to be pink or about cupcakes.
  • It's a way of living where you make sure that you make the time together with your girlfriends memorable.
  • It's a way of living that demands to spend more time with them.
  • It's being able to have a drink without discussing seam, cooking, and baking. It's talking about football, tinder, and accomplishments.
  • It's about being sarcastic without being misinterpreted.
  • You can be yourself without any secret or tabu.
  • Nourish the relationship without criticisms and betrayals.
  • It's fighting for them as if you were fighting by yourself.
  • It's to be criticized e criticize without taking it personally.
  • It's to be with them even when your mood has seen better days.
  • It's to respect the differences, the opinions, and the different lifestyles each one chooses, and see the beauty of it.
  • Sister Code is one for all, and all for one.


Rule 1: Double Celebrations!
If your best friend is celebrating some achievement, a new job, a promotion in that company that seemed impossible, or simply because she managed to overcome her fear of spiders, we celebrate as if the success was unique and ours. In fact, a little party here and there never hurts anyone. It's not worth breaking glasses.

Rule 2: Sometimes you have to endure some fear
We all have that friend who thinks she knows how to drive so well she almost goes to a rally. Although we think we are in constant life danger, our job is to get in the car, put on the right music and enjoy on the trip. And of course, try not to get that scared face.

Rule 3: Brad Pitt in Heaven, Chocolate on Earth
Never argue with your best friend (ever) if she is thirsty for chocolate. Give her the chocolate and talk later! Amen!

Rule 4: Silence is Cool and Good for the Ears
Who has never been to her best friend and she is not in for talking? Sometimes it is best to give that hug, smile and wait for it to pass. Let's not be so “What was it? Tell me!” She may tell you later, always count on that.

Rule 5: Extinguishes 24/7 Fire
It is good that life was always a party, but we all know there's a lot of chaos in between. So rule # 5 is to always be there for everything and to be the one who will make it easier and simpler during tight times.

Rule 6: Matchmaker is Old Fashioned (#justnot)
If your best friend is single, it's easy to see what our entertainment will be. Especially when she says "I'm so fine alone, I'm not looking for anyone." So after such a sentence we just have to be the best wingwoman ever.

Rule 7: Secret? Which secret?
Oh my gosh! She told me a secret of years that never told anyone !!!
Two seconds later. Secret? Which secret? It will die with you. Loyalty above all.

Rule 8: Home Psychologist
There will be few times that besides friends we are therapists. So the best thing in these situations is to bring a bottle of wine... or two and start the session on a home evening.

Rule 9: Focus on what really matters
We may not know your middle name, your first dog's name, or even your grandmother's name. Never mind. But we will definitely know your Netflix password. She won't forget

Rule 10: Read between lines.
There are no plans for the weekend. You ask her what she wants to do and her, "Nothing special." You know this means a little party, a few cups and some dancing. Nothing special so.

Rule 11: No Weird Questions
If she doesn't ask you, who will she ask? All those deep doubts, all those questions that we are ashamed to verbalize, those dark thoughts…, are the best friend to ask. After all, we are all strangers, she will understand.


 More to come...