You asked for it, we listened and we materialized it.

In Maria Maleta we take seriously the opinion of our customers, always to improve and be closer to you.

Small changes can lead to great achievements and small details make a difference. A small design detail, simple and minimalist, gives women more security, comfort and versatility.  


We have created a new extra handle that fits between existing handles, allowing more comfort, safety and even a unique aesthetic. Now your backpack fits your body more and no matter how big it is, it doesn't fall off your shoulders. 

backpack strap woman
You can use your front strap, ideal for traveling or hiking so you always carry your backpack.
backpack strap woman
Or use it in the back, ideal for everyday running, so you can take off your backpack and put it back again easily.

Always meeting the concept of Maria Maleta, we try to create a product that you never get tired of it, and you can identify with it on different days. One backpack, many ways of use, many ways to express yourself, all in one product.
With this simple detail, your backpack doesn't always have to be on your back. Now you can move it to shoulder or hand, perfect for a versatile woman.
   shoulder backpack strap women

You can give wings to your imagination with the grab strap, for the way it is placed. At Maria Maleta we always give more than one option, because all women have different ways of expressing ourselves. 

Because a brand is never made by its own, thanks for being part of this team!!! 

women backpack travel

Now with the purchase of any backpack, an extra strap is shipped with it.

If you have already purchased your backpack and would like to request a strap, please contact us at, send us your name, order number, backpack model and address, we will send you your new strap in a few days, so you don't have a single reason to leave your Maria at home.