Video: Studio.loq Model: Ninel e Olesya - Best Models Agency Styling: Simão Bolívar Make-up: Catarina Albano Wearing: The Feeting Room

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Maria Maleta calls for conscious and informed consumption in its new collection. The aesthetics of this collection combines the perfect balance between straight and minimalist lines with a special care in choosing the right raw materials. We are moved by the friendship, the transparency and conscious purchases. What moves you?
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Photography: Ana Luísa Silva Model: Ninel e Olesya - Best Models Agency Styling: Simão Bolívar Make-up: Catarina Albano Wearing: The Feeting Room

 no season collection leather bags design brand1

no season collection leather bags design brand1

no season collection leather bags design brand1no-season-collection-leather-bags-design-brand1

Big cities submerged in the excitement of our daily lives. The energy it emanates, the infinite possibilities it offers. But the balance is only established when the concrete of these big cities meet the green color of our eyes.
A collection that is inspired at the same time in motion, urban frenzy and city tranquility. Where the concept behind the brand is maintained in a perseverant way, exploring new materials like leather patent and textiles.
A city has always two sides, as do our handbags. 
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Photography: Ana Luísa Silva
Model: Karolina LatoszewskaBest Models Agency
Styling: Simão Bolívar
Make-up: Rita Ferreira
Wearing: Pedro Pedro
Weekend Barber Shoes





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We have a new partner from New York city with Portuguese Love. LX General Store is a personal, dedicated project born from a love of Portugal and carried out by just four hands. In love with this store and this editorial. 



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"Between" is a heterogeneous collection. It is not totally sportive neither is it entirely glamorous, it is not black or white, it is a grey zone collection.

The most interesting side of life.

Because all of us want to live freely and express ourselves in multiple ways. 

A collection that maintains the versatility of its designs, allowing always to sides to be revealed. Between stronger and lighter colors, between soft and stiffer textures. 

Two new models come about: A Maria Maleta's re-interpretation of the iconic design of the Belly Bag and the Drawstring Backpack.


Between Sport and Classic

Between Elegant and Casual

Between Cute and Foxy

Between Girly and Womanly

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Photography: Ana Luísa Silva
Model: Magda Mayer - Best Models Agency
Styling: Simão Bolívar
Make-up: Tânia Doce
Wearing: Pedro Pedro







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Maria/Maleta and Pedro Pedro a collaboration that became a non-obvious collection. (Porto, September 2017)
This notion of the “non-obvious” led these two brands to reunite for a collaboration. The will for new identities and personifications compelled Maria Maleta to find out the answer for this irreverence and non-obvious way of living in Pedro Pedro.
The product is highlighted in a di_erent way, thought to be used in new manners and acquires an unique identity.
It doesn’t choose genders or patterns.
The unpretentiousness of this product is shown in the manner it is used and not in the way it is shown. Still having natural leather as material par excellence, we now mix textures and new materials like textile polyurethane. Four designs are highlighted in this collaboration. From a shopping bag and a traditional executive handbag to a more unconventional urban travelling-bag, all the models reveal the intrinsic quality of Maria/Maleta and the reference design of Pedro Pedro.
Photography: Diana Nobre (Blanket Studio)
Models: Our Best friends
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Your Rules
It does not matter who you are. But it does matter being yourself. It does not matter what others think about it. But it does matter that you recognise yourself on it. Just be whatever you want and do what your will tells you to do. Live by your desires. Live to be whatever you wish. Live to be yourself. If it´s not like that, what is the purpose of it?
There are no patterns, colours or textures to follow. They can coexist in the same canvas. There are no rules neither specific demands. You can be the woman that shines during the evening and also the woman that falls in love during the daytime. Your will is above it all. Be different in your own away. Be you with bluntly. Being a woman is to do what makes you alive. 
In a collection where the contrasting colours and the incoherent shades state the tone, Your Rules arises. Here the woman can wear the colours that best fit her, from the metallic shades to the nude tones, a handbag with the most unlikely colours that will serve as the best ally for the changing daily desires. The will of being yourself. Because better than following someone’s lead, is to make up your own rules.
Photography: Diana Nobre (Blanket Studio)
Model: Belisa
Styling: Simão Bolívar
Make-up & Hair: Marlene Vinha
Special Thanks to I3s Porto and Pedro Pedro
Now and forever / Velvet it is always a good memory! We are going back to the houses of our grandparents. With their walls, full of memories and their chairs and settees with so many stories. They remind us of the romantic past where the velvet was king as far as decoration was concerned. Who can forget it? Although it is the fashion now, velvet has always been as important detail as a synonym of comfort and classic sophistication. In this new collection of Maria/Maleta, we want our pieces to be wear and remember as good memories for life, similar to the recall of velvet. For a casual look, we have mixed velvet with suede in a contemporary combination you can use as you wish.  Maria/Maleta is going to leave you with good memories in the present so that you can enjoy a memorable future.

Photography: Filipa Alves
Model: Mariia S (Best Models)
Styling: Simão Bolívar
Make-up & Hair: Bé Miranda
A romance between the sunrise and the sunset. The new Maria Maleta’s collection is here to celebrate that unitary form of life: The Day. Alba expresses the pale colours of the dawn within the weightlessness and welcoming comfort of an ambience painted in pastel tones. A trip during a fresh day full of personal realizations. Ocaso has a heavier and intense tonality typical of the end of the day, that make you celebrate the realization of another working day and at the same time the beginning of a funny night. Never forgetting its ultimate inspiration – a woman, a handbag, two sides to be unveiled.

Photography: Filipa Alves
Model: Inês Silva
Styling: Simão Bolívar
Make-up & Hair: Daniela Reis
This is the moment for women to smile and shout to the world their grandeur, where even back facing, the moment is always theirs.

Photography: Filipa Alves
Model: Maria João Cunha
Styling: Simão Bolívar
Make-up & Hair: Mónica Mota







Maria.Maleta.minty from Maria Maleta on Vimeo.