This is the tale about two best friends with an obvious passion for fashion and handbags. If the first love sweets, the second one prefers salty snacks. If one likes movies, the other one prefers music. If one likes quiet places, the other one prefers parties. One of them will be forever the sentimental girl, and the other the rational girl. The list goes on. However, there is one thing they have in common, a big friendship from which Maria Maleta's has born. 
 We believe that every person has two personal sides, therefore most of our products reflect that versatility as they can be used in many different ways. There is no stereotypes neither any rules, that is the freedom to be expressed in a timeless product.
 Ana Neto and Daniela Marques Co- Founders 
Friends since 1998    
Maria Maleta is a symbol of friendship, of fun and sharing moments. Friendship is the most exciting adventure that the world gives you for free to collect happy and memorable moments.   WOMEN BRAND DESIGN BACKPACK


Maria Maleta is a Portuguese brand of design leather goods, bags and accessories, we only work with raw materials of high quality made with the best production of Portugal. 
 Since the moment we choose our raw-materials, through all the production and packaging procedures, we spoil your Maria with love and care, so that she can bring to you our gratitude for believing in us. Your Bag will be always a good partner, we taught her that.  And your bag it´s also our dream, thank you for your contribution.

 Our main goal is to use raw materials that can ensure the quality and durability of the products.  All raw materials are selected having in mind their resistance and durability so that your handbag can stay with you for a lifetime and not for just a brief moment. And due this, we use leather in our bags. Leather can guarantee all the values that we have in our production. Durability, Design and Quality. And quality doesn’t mean quantity.   FACTORY-PORTUGAL-BAGS-

 We live on a planet with a lot of waste and with a serious environmental problem due to high consumption rates.  Our ambition is to make long-lasting products and we are proud to give a lifetime warranty to all of our leather products. Broken doesn’t mean useless, just mean that it has to be fixed. And we are happy to help you on your journey with your bag.  We also recommend our customers to take care of their products, because: Waste isn´t waste until we waste it.

  MADE-IN-PORTUGAL-BAGS-  Handmade in Portugal. This handmade tradition exists for decades in several production areas, and Portuguese industry is well known for its attention to detail, precision and dedication to the product, features that one can clearly perceive in footwear and leather goods industry.

Maria Maleta couldn’t escape to such determinant circumstance. They ally handmade technics to the machinery capabilities to reach upon their final product. From the selection of the raw materials to the packaging phase there are always several “pair of hands” involved in the production process, people with a long experience in the leather goods manufacturing and with a lot of stories to tell. Every and each one of these stories are part of every handbag produced by Maria Maleta.


   "You don’t need a lot of bags to be happy,  just need the bag that makes you proud to care”.

    Design and Handmade in Portugal




Did you know that... from Maria Maleta on Vimeo.