Different Black Friday - Sharing Love

Why is different?

Because is not only about buying but also Giving!
More than ever we need to feel special and care about each other.  
We are a friendship brand and we want you to share love with your friends. 
That's why our campaing is about tell the others how much you care for them.
You Don't have the time to tell your friend that she is special?
Give us that mission!!! We will surprise them with a handwritten postal card.

  How it works?

This Black Friday, if you order with us, we will send a physical postal card to your best friend!! 
Our black friday starts at 26th of November until 1th of December.
Once you order your Maria, you will receive a confirmation email with a special icon saying " send you postal card". 
You just need to fullfill all the information.
  1. Make an order with us between 26/11 until 01/12
  2. In the order confimartion email you will see an icon "send your postal card", click there!
  3. Fullfill all the informations that we ask you ( for ex. your email address, order number, the address and information about the receiver. If you don't have the address, please fill with the email, and we will send it by email )  


Sending love is the most important thing at this time.

Don't leave anyone alone! Show how much you care!

We will send this postcard to your best friend or special person.black friday postal card


If you have any doubt please contact us geral@mariamaleta.com






Sneak peek!! Check which Marias will be on sale!



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