A tranparent brand

When we talk about Maria Maleta, we talk about sustainability.

The brand preferably uses the genuine leather as raw material, in order to give the greatest possible durability to its products, so that they don't make part of the excessive consumption and the large amount of waste on our planet.
We believe in a circular economy, so we introduce more innovative materials that come from recycling plastic, post-consumer textiles, and biodegradable materials.
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"After all what do the symbols on my Maria Maleta mean?"

recycable raw materials fashion industry
It means that your Maria Maleta has materials that can be recycled and give rise to new materials. That is why we created our “REUSE REPAIR CARE” program. Where you can send us your old Maria back, we recycle the materials and receive a € 10 voucher for your next purchase.
bio leather symbol
Your Maria has bio leather in her composition. Bio leather is the name given to leather wet-white (metal-free) with a tanning process specially developed to improve their biodegradability. The bio-leather used by the brand presents certified tests that prove that the biodegradability of this material is possible in 23 days under appropriate conditions (buried)
recycled raw material from pet
Your Maria has recycled materials. Where 70% of its composition corresponds to a new material made by recycling PET (PET- plastic most found in the oceans, for example: water, juice and oil plastic bottles, etc.) and/or also recycling PES (Polyester post-consumed synthetic product).
 vegan material for bags and backpacks
Your new Maria is Vegan, there is no leather in her composition. Everything that looks like leather is purely coincidental. What you will find is the synthetic black aniline which 38% of its composition is Post-consumption of plastic bottles and 62% biodegradable PU.
vegetal tanned leather symbol
If you have this symbol marked on your new Maria, it means that its composition is made of vegetal tanned leather. Vegetable Leather is the name given to leather where tanning treatments are of vegetable origin. It is the most natural leather possible without adding treatments, its texture and tone are very easily changed by time, a typical characteristic of this type of leather.
  transparent brand europe - composition
Our suppliers are mainly from Portugal and Spain
We are constantly looking for more environmentally friendly materials, always keeping in mind the quality of the product.
Every day is a day of discovery and our commitment is to be increasingly transparent, sustainable and to convey the message that quality and durability are the biggest factors of sustainability.

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, contact us: geral@mariamaleta.com