April 1st

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 Always guided by the motto “quality is not synonymous of quantity” - No Season Collection it's an annual and timeless collection.

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 The perfect balance between straight and minimalist lines with a special care in choosing the right raw materials and the transparency of its composition.


Transparency and Composition:symbols-sustainability-brand

 Maria Maleta finds in this new collection a fusion between the new generation fabrics, recycled and recyclable materials and one of the oldest and most renowned raw material ever, the one that has given us most evidences regarding its quality, durability and resistance - genuine leather.


 Maria Maleta, for the first time, accepts the challenge and launches three Vegan products, that don't include any component of animal origin, specially thought for Vegan lovers. They are mostly made of fabrics that are recyclable and/or recycled or/and biodegradable. 


 Sustainability is the watchword, and Maria Maleta in all its collections has always been based on a circular economy. We believe that one of the most important factors in a sustainable economy is durability. Besides, we are always looking for the best materials to use in our products and this is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our leather products.

 We are moved by the friendship, the transparency and conscious purchases. What moves you?

 No season/ No waste/ Find your reason



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